Tooth replacement with a zirconium-oxide frame

Tooth replacement with a zirconium-oxide frameThe aesthetic advantage of this method is attributable to the fact that the structure contains no metals, so light propagates in and around it in almost the same way as in natural teeth. (In the case of metal-containing artificial teeth, the metal structure which makes the tooth stable blocks light.) 

Another major advantage is that zirconium causes no allergic reaction even if the patient has an extreme degree of metal allergy.

The stability and life-span of a zirconium-oxide frame are further enhanced by adding other oxides, such as yttrium-oxide, magnesium-oxide, calcium-oxide, or aluminium-oxide.


Zirconium tooth replacements from EUR 360


How a zirconium-oxide frame is made

Damaged teeth (or those next to an empty socket) are chiselled and “shoulders” are prepared on them. Then an exact impression is made. If the upper part of the damaged tooth cannot be saved, a pin is inserted into the tooth root, on which a zirconium-oxide frame is placed later.

a dental technician makes the zirconium-oxide frame of the replacementA temporary crown is put onto the chiselled tooth stump. The temporary crown protects the chiselled tooth, and it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Based on the impression, a dental technician makes the zirconium-oxide frame of the replacement, onto which a porcelain layer is burned. The result is a tooth of the same shape and colour as the original.

Before the tooth replacement is affixed, the frame must always be tested for accurate fit, i.e. the dentist verifies if it matches the neighbouring teeth, and if the lower edge of the frame is flush with the gum.

After the required adjustments (if any), the zirconium-oxide frame and the porcelain crown are finally attached.


zirconium has the unique ability to close the cracks and stop their growthUnique characteristics of zirconium-oxide

A tooth replacement with a zirconium frame can bear very high loads and looks perfect. But in spite of that, continuous wear and tear causes minute cracks in the material. Fortunately, zirconium has the unique ability to close the cracks and stop their growth, which further increases the life-span of the tooth.

Thanks to the high loads that a zirconium-oxide frame can bear, several such tooth replacements (and even a full circular bridge) can be inserted into a patient’s mouth. The material is tissue-friendly, i.e. it does not irritate gums, causes no gingivitis, and its colour remains natural even when the patient’s gum recedes over time.


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