Dear Visitor!

My name is Dr Gábor Barthos, and I am a dentist, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and an implantologist.

I studied at Semmelweis University, where I graduated at 1988. I started my professional carreer at Albert-Schweitzer Hospital in Hatvan, then I became the district dentist in the city of Mogyoród.

I started my own dental enterprise in 1992. In these years I managed to gain a lot of experience, and also improve my knowledge due to the continuous educations and trainings. In 2006 I opened my own surgery in Mosonmagyaróvár. Currently I am working in Budapest and it’s agglomeration.

My goal is to give a modern, painless and comfortable treatment to my patients. Every year I take trainings and conferences to keep up with the modern trends of denthology, and I use this knowledge to satisfy my patient’s needs more effectively. I am happy to take complex cases as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you need a professional, modern and painless treatment!

Dr. Barthos Gábor

Prices - click here for details!

  • X-Ray - panoramic10.000 Ft
  • CB-CT25.000 Ft
  • Consultation10.000 Ft
  • Filling (1 surface)15.000 Ft
  • Filling (2 or more surfaces)25.000 Ft
  • Root canal treatment and filling - 1 canal30.000 Ft
  • Root canal treatment and filling - 2 canals32.000 Ft
  • Root canal treatment and filling - 3 canals35.000 Ft
  • Ceramic inaly85.000 Ft
  • Molded artificial post30.000 Ft
  • Extraction (front, premolar)15.000 Ft
  • Extraction (molaris)25.000 Ft
  • Extraction (wisdom tooth)35.000 Ft
  • Extraction (wisdom tooth surgical)40.000 Ft
  • Extraction (dental root)20.000 Ft
  • Resection50.000 Ft
  • Metal-ceramic crown60.000 Ft
  • Metal-ceramic crown up to the implant65.000 Ft
  • Zirkonium crown80.000 Ft
  • Zirkonium crown up to the implant85.000 Ft
  • Temporary crown15.000 Ft
  • Full prosthesis/jaw150.000 Ft
  • Clips, up to four teeth30.000 Ft
  • Temporary prosthesis150.000 Ft
  • Scaling and polishing/jaw20.000 Ft
  • Prothesis under fitting25.000 Ft
  • Replacement tooth for prothese15.000 Ft
  • SGS dental implant100.000 Ft
  • SGS dental implant abutment40.000 Ft
  • Titan base25.000 Ft
  • Nobel/pearl zirconium dental implant (in case of titan allergy)270.000 Ft
  • Straumann dental implant210.000 Ft
  • Sinus elevation180.000 Ft
  • General anasthesia, first hour120.000 Ft
  • General anasthesia, each additional hour50.000 Ft